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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The winners of the Academy Awards 2014: complete list

"Twelve years a slave" won best film at the ceremony Sunday.
The awards were presented Sunday in Dolby Theater 2014 in Hollywood.
Photo: Oscar climbing of the steps by 2014
Twelve years a buckle down was adverted best film, as supporting actress honors went to or film lupita. John Ridley won best screenplay adaptation.
In general, gravity won most Oscars with a set of seven, controlling the character classes. Buyers Club Dallas has won three awards, including wins for best actor Matthew McConaughey and actor Jared Leto.
Cate Blanchett was named best actress blue Jasmine, Director Alfonso Cuaron best while for gravity.
Ellen DeGeneres hosted the bear witness, which was broadcast live on ABC. The functionality of ceremony "hero of the film", honoring the heroes of the silver screen and superheroes of the real life and popular Heroes and cartoon champions, both past and acquaint, as well as filmmakers who brought them to life in classrooms.
Follow the blog on thr live to discover the second screen first Oscars.
Full list of winners of the Oscar 2014 below.
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Twelve years a slave-Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen, and Anthony katagas, producer (winner)
American hustle-Charles roven, Richard suckle, Allison Megan and Jonathan Gordon, producer
Captain Phillips-Scott Rudin, Danu Brunetti, Michael of Luca, producers
Dallas buyers Club - Brenner Robbie and Rachel winter, producers
Gravity-Alfonso Cuaron and Jacques Louis David Heyman, producer
SA-Allison Megan, Spike Jonze and Vincent Landhi, producers
Nebraska-Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, producers
Gabriel Philomena-Tana, Steve Coogan and producer Tracey seaward,
The beast of bulwark Street-selected candidates
Best male performance in a leading role
Matthew McConaughey, buyers of Dallas Club (characteristics of the development) (winner)
Christian Bale, American English hustle (Sony characterisations releasing)
Bruce Dern, Nebraska (overriding)
Leonardo DiCaprio, the brute of Wall Street (paramount)
Agiovor a [seemingly], twelve years a hard worker (Fox Searchlight)
Photo: 2014 winners Oscar
Best performance by an actress in a leading role
Cate Blanchett, blue Jasmine (Sony Pictures Classics) (winner)
Amy Adams, American English hustle (Sony delineations releasing)
Sandra Bullock, gravity (Warner Bros)
Judi Dench, Filomena Weinstein (business)
Meryl Streep, grand: Osage River County (the Weinstein Company)
Achievement in direction
Gravity Alfonso Cuaron (winner)
American English hustle, David o. Russell
Nebraska, Alexander Payne
12 thin, Steve McQueen
The beast of the Street, Martin Scorsese
Original screenplay
It, Spike Jonze (succeeder)
American hustle, Isaac Merrit Singer Eric Warren, David o. Russell
Blue Jasmin, Woody Allen
Buyers of Dallas Club, Craig Burton, wallhack Melisa
Nebraska, Bob Nelson
Screenplay adaptation
12 slaves, John Ridley (winner)
Before midnight, Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke
Captain Phillips, Billy Ray
Filomena, Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope
The Wolf of the Street, Terence winter
Photos: best and worst moments of the Oscars 2014
Achievement in music for films (original song)
'Let go' of the freezing point; music and languages by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (winner)
Unit "Alone but not alone" but is not alone; music by Bruce Broughton; lyrics by Dennis Spiegel
'Happy' to contemptible me 2; music and lyrics by Pharrell Williams
"Moon song" of his music by Karen o; lyrics are Karen and Spike Jonze
"Ordinary love" Mandela: long walk to freedom, music by Paul huson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, lyrics by Paul huson
Achievement in music written for films (original grade)
Gravity, price Steven (winner)
The book thief, Gospel According to John Williams
His William Owen Pallett Butler
Filomena, Alexandre Desplat
Save Mr. banks, Thomas Newman
Achievement in production design
The Great Gatsby, production blueprint: Catherine Dean Martin, a collection of decoration: Beverley Dunn (winner)
American hustle, production design: Judy Baker; collection of decoration: Heather Löffler
Gravity, output design: Andy Nicholson; collection of decoration: Goodwin Rosie and Joanne woolard
And the creation of environments: k.k. Barrett; collection of decoration: genes will be fallen us
12 fluffy, production design: Adam shtokhaozn; extent of decor: Alice Baker
Realization of film editing
Gravity and Alfonso Cuaron and mark Sanger (winner)
American hustle, Jay Cassidy, Struthers Crispin webomghartn Alan
Captain Phillips, Christopher Ross
Dallas Club buyers, John Mac mcmorvi and Martin thought
12 thin, Joe Walker
Realization in pictures
Gravity, Emmanuel lobiski (winner)
Grand Master, Philippe Le Sourd
Levin in Davis, Bruno delbonil
Nebraska, babamikl
Prisoners, Roger Deakins has.
Best carrying into action by an actress in a affirming role
' Nyong'o, lupita, 12 years old, a slave (winner)
Jennifer D. H. Lawrence, American English hustle
June Squibb, Nebraska
Julia Bartholomew Roberts, August: Osage County
Sally Coleman Hawkins blue, jasmine
History: interpreters Oscars & performance
Realization of sound editing
Gravity, John Glenn Freemantle (winner)
All lost, Steve boidiker and Richard hymns
Captain Phillips, Oliver tarnei
The Hobbit: ruin Smaug, Brent Burge
The only survivor and statman
Achievement inward sound amalgamating
Gravity, jump livsay, said Padre:, Christopher binstid and Chris H. H. Munro (winner)
Captain Phillips and Mark Taylor, Mike Smith bristood and Chris Burdon Chris Monroe
The Hobbit: ruin Smaug, Saint Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, simanik Michael and Tony Johnson
Davis Levin and skip livsay, Greg Orloff, Peter f. Courland
Andy Koyama, surviving single and lover David Brownlow
Best alien linguistic communication film
Great dish, Italy (winner)
Breaking the cycle of collapse, Belgium
Hunt, Denmark
This image is missing, Cambodia
Omar, Palestine
Best docudrama
20 feet of celebrity, Neville Morgan, Gil Friesen and Rogers kaitrin (winner)
The act as of belting down, Book of Joshua Robert Oppenheimer wesighnh Berg Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen
Cutie and boxer, Zachary hinserling webilshr Dean Lydia
Sales wars, Richard Rowley and Jeremy Scahill
Arena, Jehane NOUJAIM and Amir Karim
Best short documentary
Ms. No. 6: music brought through my life story, Malcolm Clark, Nicholas Reed (winner)
Kavidiger, Geoffrey Crawford
Cladding fear, Jason Cohen
Dignity has no walls, Sarah Isaac
Terminal of the prison: the cracks of doom of Jack hole, Edgar Prince
The story: the red carpet of the Oscars, a abbreviated history
Best short live action film
Helium, Walter Andress and Kim Magnusson (winner)
The spirit not the era of Yu (not me), Esteban Crespo
Before perdr (just before you lose everything), Xavier Legrand, Alexander ghafras
Bitako Moon Kiki are? (Do you attend of everything?)The elephants remained peaceful and Sari kirsika
The problem of Forman and mark Gil and Lee Baldwin
History: the voters of Oscar brutally honest number 7
Accomplishment in optic burdens
Warning severity, Tim Weber, Laurent, Chris, Dave and Neal korbold (winner)
The Hobbit: ruin of Smaug, Joe litiri, they will moisten Eric, Jacques Louis David Clayton and Eric Reynolds
Iron Man 3 and Saint Christopher Francis Everett Townsend, Guy Hank Williams, Erik Nash and SADC countries
The Lone fire warden, Tim Alexander Frazier John Williams Edson and Gary brozinic
Star Trek in the dark, Roger weather, Tupac Patrick, Ben Grossman and Bert de John Dalton
Best enlivened feature
Fixed (winner)
Strong winds
Despicable me 2
Ernst Celestine
Best short animated film
Mr. Hublot, Laurent Witz and Alexander espigares (winner)
Savage, Daniel Sousa, Dan aureate
Get a cavalry!, Lauren macmillan, Dorothy finds
Property, Shuhei Morita
Room on the broom, Max lang and Jean Lacour
Photo: rejected Oscar 2014
Realization of make-up and hairstyle
Buyers of Dallas Club, me adroitha and Robin Matthews (winner)
Jackass presents: seriously evil, Bertie Stephen

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