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Friday, August 1, 2014

Salman Khan sees the bead Lady and calls his "Kennedy".

A most eligible Bachelors of Bollywood, Salman Khan has admitted after the love of a woman in his life - his "kick" co-star Jacqueline Fernandes. Fresh, jokingly gave his superstar Khan and makes him blush when he broke his appreciation for her.

It is the first film in which the two together, they seem to have hit really well offshore. They made a joint appearing to promote his movie "kick" on zee TV "KK sinistars best of India.

Groups of Salman to make entry to the show, introduced Jacqueline "JFK", said the source.

When the show hosts-Vishal Malhotra and Hossein kowagirwala-questioning him on Jacqueline called 'Kennedy', decided to remain silent while Salman Jacqueline red.

Develop their believing caps on, two believed that Salman was referring to John f. Kennedy. Trying to identify this with Salman, was quick adequate to tell them who stood for Jacqueline Fernandes 'Khan '!

While I couldn't help redness Jacqueline in this comment, laughed once more out of the questions Salman.

For him show to bits on the show, ensured that his Salman on Lady love screen was comfortable to shoot. Limited understanding of the Hindi language, was quite hard for Jacqueline get some verbs and give feedback in Hindi. It was when Salman jumps to save her.

It will help him with a few Indian words which will whisper in his ears at a time.

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