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Friday, August 1, 2014

How to configure the roads in Mumbai richa's "tamanchi"

How to configure the roads in Mumbai richa's "tamanchi".
Mumbai: Shadi Racha, which will be assured as mischievous in the film "tamanchi" foul language, said traffic on the roads of Mumbai already trained in the use of this language.

Called for if she had someone in particular to teach her ttp:// talk it is suitable for the cinema, Risha says: "roads of Mumbai have been grand master. Whenever I'm driving, in the shadow my mind constantly with these words and language. And lives in Bombay for five years socks and and well prepared. "

RAM has been seen inward a alike character named Polly bongaban in "intellectual", as well, but as you say the letters are very different.

"There is no resemblance between the two. I began working on 'tamanchi' before 'intellectual '. The only thing that h some is identical confident of the character reference*. But this girl (in 'tamanchi') knows how to apply her sexuality to her advantage, "the age of 25, aforesaid here Thursday at a launch trailer for the film.

"She did trust and uses its charm. Does not need Polly and had many people working for him, "she said.

"Tamanchi" also adepts Nikhil dwivedi and hits theaters September 19 in 2014.

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