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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Remove dark spots in just 1 day Bangla tutorial | 100% Natural bangla Health

The natural beauty of the skin is broth, but the worst is only when the acne scar on the skin is called on our skin which is called Acne Scar. Look no way:
1. Mix half a teaspoon honey with a teaspoon of orange pea mixture. Now, wait for 20 minutes on the stain. Take this mixture out of four to five days to remove the skin scars.

2. Mix egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice with semi-teaspoon lentil peas. Wait a whole 15 minutes and wait. It will remove the stain of the face and the spots.

3. Take dab water to refrigerate and ice. Before slumber, rub the pieces of ice on the stain.

4. Ripe papaya is quite effective to remove the scars of the skin. Mix milk and honey with it.

5. If the paste on the paste of mint leaves will be removed quickly.
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